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Live Streaming

MXKS is a strong advocate that art, music, and fun are about community first and foremost. As a lifelong advocate about the dangers of centralized capitalism in online culture, they believe that large for-profit centralized platforms such as Twitch represent an opportunity for companies like Amazon to exploit our communities and connections to one another. A casual tour through Twitch will confirm this; most DJ sets have become hustles for followers and subscriptions, the music constantly interrupted to cultivate “engagement”, all in the pursuit of hoping to be the special few the algorithm favors.

This benefits Amazon, who sit atop this competition for their favor, tweaking an algorithm that decides what people can discover, turning artists into “influencers” so they can profit from taking a percentage of the equity they bring in.

MXKS streams using an OwnCast server as part of their preferential engagement with the Fediverse. You can watch them here on the web or even through the OwnCast Roku app.