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About MXKS

MXKS (pronounced “mixy kiss”) began as a humble human being in the Atlanta suburbs. With the pandemic completely upending their professional and social life, they turned their solitude to joy by dedicating their now-ample free time to developing as a DJ. Emerging from the bedroom and garage, they now quietly prowl the nights, decks in tow, looking for unsuspecting parties that aren’t having enough fun.

MXKS’ style prioritizes vibe and energy over genre, trend, or ego. The right track for the right moment in time is worth more than adhering to fashionable standards or excessive performance tricks. A DJ’s role is to be a guide and facilitator to the party already in the hearts of the audience. While MXKS works mostly with music from various subgenres of house, techno, and disco, every set goes where the spirit of the party moves.

MXKS is a strong believer in art being for the benefit of everyday people, not for the enrichment and power of far-away billionaires. They therefore advocate for online culture free from the control of capitalist platforms. Their streaming and podcasting is self-hosted to ensure open access for all without large corporations controlling the relationship.

MXKS is an abbreviation of “Mx. Kit Sunny”. “Kit Sunny” is a pun on the word “kitsune”, a kind of fox famous in Japanese folklore for being a shapeshifting trickster. “Mx.” is a preferred gender-neutral honorific, the non-binary equivalent of “Mr.” for men and “Ms.” for women.